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Towards innovation-spaces: Slowly evolving the ILRI Nairobi info-centre

At ILRI we intentionally further our culture of innovation. Currently we are transforming the info centre on the Nairobi campus into a multi-use co-working space. Our goal is to create a flexible collaboration hub for researchers, PhD students, fellows, staff from the regions and partners alike. Continue reading

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Ripples of change and winning people over with engagement: Lessons from Africa RISING

Working with the same group of people, to support their events and processes, clearly presents many opportunities. Through regular engagement it becomes possible to shift the attitude and ideas of people, and the course of their events and processes. Here is an example of such a journey that Africa RISING teams went through. Continue reading

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Role of ‘critical research friends’ in mentoring emerging researchers: Reflections from a mentorship workshop

A key consideration in the graduate fellowship program is the need to understand and respond to the career and capacity needs of research fellows so that the mentoring supports them appropriately in designing and carrying out their work in developing-country contexts.

One of the ways in which ILRI is helping fellows is by giving them access to groups of ‘critical research friends’ made up of various mentoring supervisors. Continue reading

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Writing our science for development: A new look at writeshops

Carbon sequestration, GHG emissions, NDVI, GIS…..these are some of the words that routinely fly in a conversation around my workspace. You see, I sit with subject matter specialists and that subject is  the environment. The words are perfect for scholarly publications but my raison d’etre is to put them in everyday language so that farmers, staff … Continue reading

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Co-creating knowledge vital in research for development

Local, indigenous, knowledge is essential in any country. It is a crucial asset that people can tap into in their struggle for survival. Local knowledge is meeting renewed interest in multi-stakeholder processes where scientists, farmers and other stakeholders work together to share and co-create knowledge on an equal footing in the pursuit of achieving mutual … Continue reading

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‘Livestock Live Talks’- A new way to foster discussions on ILRI’s research

Seminars are a key instrument to unravel the power of ‘conversations’ in any research institution. In the case of the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), seminars are meant to generate agendas within research groups, partners, would-be partners, donors and the public at large. They help take ILRI to the next level as a convener, thought leader and … Continue reading