Open access and data accelerate ILRI’s innovation and research
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Open access and data accelerate ILRI’s innovation and research

ILRI takes open access seriously, adopting open licences for its products, setting up a dedicated repository as a publishing tool for all its products and establishing a portal for its data. Open access isn not just mandatory, it offers significant opportunities for its research to travel further and be applied. Continue reading

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Open-access Knowledge Bank tackles malnutrition

Developed through the mNutrition Initiative, the Nutrition Knowledge Bank (going live today) aims to help bridge the gap between information providers and users by providing an open-access store of both nutrition-sensitive agricultural approaches and nutrition-specific health interventions. Continue reading

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Towards innovation-spaces: Slowly evolving the ILRI Nairobi info-centre

At ILRI we intentionally further our culture of innovation. Currently we are transforming the info centre on the Nairobi campus into a multi-use co-working space. Our goal is to create a flexible collaboration hub for researchers, PhD students, fellows, staff from the regions and partners alike. Continue reading

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Promoting agricultural research – which services do your scientists use?

Increasingly we see that our scientists themselves can do a lot to promote and increase the visibility of their work – and in some cases collaborate and get metrics and impact scores. Here are the top 4 we want ILRI scientists to use – are there other services like this you consider essential? Continue reading

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What ILRI’s visitors are reading and viewing in 2014

Like our sister CGIAR centres, ILRI’s research publishing is now very diverse spanning images, video, posters, podcasts, blogposts, tweets, extension leaflets and much more. What are the most-read or viewed in the past year? We are lucky that all the channels we use provide metrics and stats of various sorts. Continue reading