Tips and tools

We use a lot of different communications and knowledge sharing tools and services at ILRI.

Here are some of the most important to start you off:

  1. ILRI toolbar – download [shortcuts to ILRI and CGIAR resources in your browser]

  2. ILRI News – sign up for the news feed or email alert

  3. ILRI Clippings – sign up for the news feed or email alert

  4. ILRI blogs – get the latest news by email; different news feeds you can subscribe to

  5. Presentations and posters from ILRI staff and projects

  6. Videos [from or about ILRI]

  7. Podcasts and radio files about ILRI

  8. Photographs from ILRI to re-use

  9. Research outputs indexed in Mahider [the latest reports and articles, to download or link]

  10. Journal subscriptions accessible to staff

  11. ILRI website and staff profiles

  12. ILRI on Twitter – follow us!

  13. ILRI on Facebook – become a fan!

  14. Conversations and groups on Yammer (needs a ‘’ email address)

  15. ICT and computer tips and support from ILRI and ICRAF

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