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ICTs as enablers of agricultural innovation systems

The World Bank recently published an ‘ICT in Agriculture Sourcebook‘ Module 6 ‘ICTs as enablers of agricultural innovation systems’ was co-authored by ILRI’s Peter Ballantyne. The module introduces ICT developments in the wider innovation and knowledge systems; it also explores drivers of ICT use in research and extension. A section on ‘ICT in the Agricultural … Continue reading

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Devising and sustaining agri-water research communication efforts over time

One year ago, in February 2011, project staff from 10 Agriculture Water Management projects got together in a mini ‘share fair’ to share their objectives, intended outcomes, products, timelines, stakeholders and geographical focus. One of the ‘hot’ discussion topics was communication … more specifically how to sustain interest and investment over time. Participants were concerned … Continue reading

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ILRI 2011 web services usage update

In the past few years we (‘comms’ people across ILRI) have streamlined our communication workflows and adopted a broader set of external communication platforms and tools. In case you are interested, here are some basic numbers associated with the various services we run. In 2011, these were collectively viewed just over 8 million times; in … Continue reading

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From mahider to CGSpace: Moving our research outputs to open repositories

In late 2009, the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) began work on an institutional repository using Dspace software.  Under the name ‘mahider’ (, we intended this repository to be a complete index of all ILRI research products/outputs; with ‘full’ content as often as possible (we struggle to get full versions of articles and other products … Continue reading

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ILRI partnerships and communications – making knowledge travel

For the recent LiveSTOCK Exchange event, we asked Bruce Scott, Director of Partnerships and Communications at the International Livestock Research Institute to reflect on changes he has seen and experienced with regard to communications. Watch the video: More on the role of knowledge sharing in the LiveSTOCK Exchange event … Continue reading

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Knowledge is like rainwater … supporting the NBDC with knowledge and communication

This week, communication people from across the CGIAR Challenge Program on Water and Food (CPWF) meet in South Africa to compare and agree ways to improve communication and collaboration practices within the CPWF and among its partners. ILRI’s Peter Ballantyne is attending for the Nile Basin Development Challenge (NBDC) – one of the CPWF-supported Basin … Continue reading

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Livestock and climate change news aggregator

The Adapting Livestock Systems to Climate Change Collaborative Research Support Program has created a web-link to information from more than 200 streams of news items posted on the websites of international and US organizations. The aggregated news is filtered for information on issues relevant to livestock, climate change, nutrition, and gender. See the feed at: … Continue reading


External review of ILRI communications

In February 2011, ILRI will carry out an external review of its communication activities. The terms of reference are: To review and take stock of ILRI’s external communication activities (web, publications, media, press and film etc). To comment on the relevance of ILRI’s communications strategy To review the efficiency and effectiveness of the current structure … Continue reading