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Following ILRI news and research outputs as a ‘daily paper’

Some of us find it difficult to keep track of all the various information, knowledge and news produced by ILRI and the CGIAR …..

This post is a quick intro to a service called ‘’

This is a clever tool that looks at Twitter according to some profiles we set up, and produces a ‘daily paper’ summarizing all the various news items and announcements.

We are promoting 3 daily papers you can follow:

Daily Tail This scans and brings together everything that ILRI publishes through Twitter (a lot) as well as any mentions of ILRI by other people on Twitter.

Livestock Matters This scans twitter once a day for news on ILRI and livestock…. It has information from our partners (who use twitter)

CGIAR on Twitter This scans all the news posted on twitter by all the CGIAR centers and programs.

WARNING: the quality and relevance varies day to day, based on what we and others like us produce! If someone does not use twitter, their news will not appear.  Some days, the coverage is surprisingly good, others it is unsurprisingly bad!

SINCE WE PUBLISH ALMOST ALL ILRI-RELATED news through Twitter, these daily ‘papers’ are a good way to quickly see what we are doing, across ILRI.

Like the mainstream press, there is some DUPLICATION among the various papers

Some actions you can take:

1.       Bookmark each paper and visit them whenever you have some time

2.       Subscribe to a paper, so you get a daily email message with links etc

3. Create your own twitter account and post your ILRI-related reflections: add ‘#ILRI’ to any twitter post you want us to pick up

4.       Ignore this service and sign up for ILRI news alerts at: or !

5.       Ignore social media totally and rely on your colleagues and word of mouth to know what is happening !!

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