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ILRI 2011 web services usage update

In the past few years we (‘comms’ people across ILRI) have streamlined our communication workflows and adopted a broader set of external communication platforms and tools.

In case you are interested, here are some basic numbers associated with the various services we run.

In 2011, these were collectively viewed just over 8 million times; in 2010 we achieved just under 5 million views (2009 it was 3 million). These numbers exclude views of some other web services, such as the databases in the Biotechnology theme, ICT, Research Methods Group, etc.; it also excludes views of journal articles written by staff and published by 3rd parties whose stats we do not see (but we know the usage is sometimes substantial).

The breakdown of views by services is, roughly, as follows:

Service                                                 Views

ILRI main websites                         2.7 million

Research outputs repository      1.5 million

ILRI books on Google                    1.3 million

ILRI news alerts/feeds                   565,000

ILRInet [intranet]                            500,000

Blogs                                                     370,000

Photos                                                  365,000

Presentations and posters           200,000

Wikis                                                     110,000

Film and video                                   35,000

ILRI Alumni                                        11,000

PENAPH community                       4,000


The ‘top blogs’:

ILRI Jobs                                             120,000

ILRI news                                              85,000

ILRI clippings                                     63,000

East Africa Dairy                               26,000

Bioinnovate                                         11,000

SLP                                                           9,000

Markets                                                  7,500

IBLI                                                          6,500

Agrigender                                            6,000

PLE                                                          4,500

Biotechnology                                    4,000

Livestock-Fish CRP                         4,000

NBDC                                                     4,000

Maarifa                                                  3,500

Fodder and feeds                               2,500

PENAPH                                               2,000

imGoats                                                 2,000

These numbers are raw and do not tell us ‘who’ these viewers are nor what they do with our knowledge.  We do have some of this data, and we plan to analyze and present it during the year.

You can sign up and follow all of these services – also by email – just visit for more information.

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