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ICTs as enablers of agricultural innovation systems

The World Bank recently published an ‘ICT in Agriculture Sourcebook

Module 6 ‘ICTs as enablers of agricultural innovation systems’ was co-authored by ILRI’s Peter Ballantyne. The module introduces ICT developments in the wider innovation and knowledge systems; it also explores drivers of ICT use in research and extension.

A section on ‘ICT in the Agricultural Research Process’ spans the entire agricultural research process from engaging partners and stakeholders, through data collection and analysis, collaboration and knowledge access, publishing and dissemination, to feedback and interactions with rural and other end-user communities.

The section on ‘Using ICT in Extension and Advisory Services’ looks at ways ICTs are helping transform extension, including the emergence of public and private innovators and start-ups with business models built around ICT-enabled advisory services. It examines how traditional and new ICTs are being used to reach rural communities, enable the creation and sharing of rural communities’ own knowledge, and support connections of rural communities to markets, institutions, and other sources of information and advice.

The final section on ‘E-learning as a Component of Agricultural Innovation Systems’ shows how learning through ICTs can provide fresh approaches that are learner-centric, which engages producers and their communities in designing and implementing the learning experience. It can also make it easier to maintain quality by supporting feedback mechanisms and ensuring appropriate accreditation and certification processes.

Download the module

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