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Communications, knowledge and innovation process share fair at ILRI Addis Ababa

This week, communicators, knowledge sharers, process facilitators and learners in agriculture meet up in Addis Ababa in a share fair.

The event is driven by the desire to make agricultural research and innovation more impactful; by recognizing and paying attention to the power of good processes that attend to people, partnerships and participation. How we work is often as important as what we do.

The insights and connections will help individual participants and the organisations they work for cultivate much stronger capabilities to design and deliver truly effective ‘process’ improvements that lead to applied innovation, social learning and value for money. These improvements should help us:

  • tackle tough issues through collective actions
  • collaborate across teams
  • forge and sustain partnerships for impact
  • take interventions to scale
  • engage effectively with local expertise
  • empower different actors
  • develop capacities for innovation and learning

The two-day event (25 and 26 May) takes place on the ILRI campus in Addis Ababa (see e-connecting possibilities). It comprises a series of plenary and parallel sessions designed to help participants engage, share and learn – about innovations that work, about processes that work, using processes that work.

See the full agenda

Around the share fair, a group of CGIAR communications and knowledge management professionals are meeting to better focus and direct their efforts to meet the needs of CGIAR research programs that increasingly demand different, innovative and integrated approaches, tools and platforms.

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