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What ILRI’s visitors are reading and viewing in 2014

The time when research institutions only produced scientific papers and reports is long gone, though these products remain at the heart of what many CGIAR scientists produce.

Like our sister CGIAR centres, ILRI’s research publishing is now very diverse, spanning images, video, posters, podcasts, blogposts, tweets, extension leaflets and much more.

What are the most-read or viewed in the past year? We are lucky that all the channels we use provide metrics and stats of various sorts.

Our reports and publications are on CGspace; the top 20 in terms of downloads in 2014 were:

Item title File downloads Item views Sum
1. Worm control for small ruminants in tropical Asia 17,027 160 17,187
2. Towards priority actions for market development for African farmers 11,157 626 11,783
3. Writing convincing research proposals and effective scientific reports. Part A: writing a convincing proposal 7,541 749 8,290
4. The role of livestock in developing communities: Enhancing multifunctionality 7,514 493 8,007
5. Concepts and practices in agricultural extension in developing countries: a source book 6,882 849 7,731
6. Feeding dairy cattle: a manual for smallholder dairy farmers and extension workers in East Africa 6,280 2,054 8,334
7. Market access and value chain analysis of dairy industry in Ethiopia: The case of Wolaita Zone 6,115 653 6,768
8. Sustainable utilization of agro-industrial wastes through integration of bio-energy and mushroom production 5,665 205 5,870
9. Sheep and goat production and marketing systems in Ethiopia: characteristics and strategies for improvement 5,558 999 6,557
10. Smallholder dairy production and marketing systems in Ethiopia: IPMS experiences and opportunities for market-oriented development 5,495 681 6,176
11. Study of the Ethiopian live cattle and beef value chain 5,171 490 5,661
12. The dairy value chain in Kenya 4,849 343 5,192
13. Impacts of climate change on the agricultural and aquatic systems and natural resources within the CGIAR’s mandate 4,655 1,646 6,301
14. Smallholder dairy production and marketing—Opportunities and constraints 4,097 150 4,247
15. An assessment on the role of women in agriculture in Southern Nation Nationality People’s Region: The case of Halaba Special Woreda, Ethiopia 3,715 273 3,988
16. Analysis of fruit and vegetable market chains in Alamata, Southern Zone of Tigray: the case of onion, tomato and papaya 3,680 346 4,026
17. Cattle milk and meat production and marketing systems and opportunities for market-orientation in Fogera woreda, Amhara region, Ethiopia 3,673 353 4,026
18. Climate variability and climate change and their impacts on Kenya’s agricultural sector 3,650 286 3,936
19. IPMS project implementation plan, March 2005 3,491 155 3,646
20. Analysis of poultry market chain: The case of Dale and Alaba ‘Special’ Woredas of SNNPRS, Ethiopia 3,349 320 3,669


Our posters and presentations are on slideshare; the top 20 in terms of views in 2014 were:

Poster or presentation Views
1. Quantifying Salmonella spp. in pig slaughterhouses and pork markets associated with human health in Hung Yen, Vietnam 5,517
2. Poultry production in Ethiopia: An overview 4,391
3. Livestock research for food security and poverty reduction: ILRI strategy 2013–2022 3,836
4. Introduction to agricultural value chains and supply chain management 2,264
5. ILRI in the CGIAR Research Programs 2,031
6. Innovations in agricultural extension: What can Ethiopia learn from global experiences? 1,910
7. Pig and pork zoonoses in Uganda 1,824
8. Feasibility assessment of selected sites for the pilot project on the feasibility of generating carbon credit through dairy productivity gains 1,808
9. Rabies in Bali: A chronology and experience made with an EcoHealth approach for a better control of rabies 1,807
10. Feeding the World in 2050: Trade-offs, synergies and tough choices for the livestock sector 1,803
11. Generating carbon credits from the Kenyan dairy industry: A pilot study 1,788
12. Multimedia in research: What is it? Why use it? How to use it? 1,785
13. Q fever in Africa and Asia: A systematic literature review and mapping of disease 1,781
14. Dairy hubs in East Africa: Lessons from the East Africa Dairy Development project 1,752
15. Some gender concepts 1,738
16. Technical mitigation options in dairy 1,700
17. Integrated crop livestock systems: A key to sustainable intensification in Africa 1,698
18. Microbial contaminations in milk and identification of selected pathogenic bacteria along dairy value chain in Tanga region, Tanzania 1,632
19. Agricultural research for crop and livestock value chains development: The IPMS experience 1,577
20. Climate-smart Brachiaria Grasses for Improving Livestock Production in East Africa 1,555


Our videos and films are on Youtube; the top 20 in 2014 by views were:

Title Views
1. Improving African Livestock with Reproductive Technologies and Genomics 10,367
2. Memory’s Day: A Day in the Life of a Girl in Rural Malawi 7,488
3. Pig Keeping in Northeast India 5,896
4. Improving livelihoods through goat rearing and commercialisation in Mozambique 3,696
5. Livestock Under Threat: Managing the Future of Native West African Ruminant Livestock 2,589
6. Ankole Cattle: One of Africa’s Disappearing Livestock Breeds? 2,115
7. ILRI Annual Program Meeting 2013 in pictures 1,993
Small-scale Dairying in Northeast India 1,648
8. The Muchina family: How dairy farming educates Kenya’s children 1,579
9. Introducing the ILRI campus in Ethiopia: The facilities and the people 1,543
10. Smallholder pig farming in Uganda: A day in the life of a research for development project 1,313
11. Improving livelihoods through goat rearing and commercialisation in India 1,238
12. The Story of One Woman’s Struggles in Rural Malawi 1,234
13. L’élevage dans la ceinture de tsé-tsé en Afrique de l’Ouest 1,196
14. Livestock fattening innovation in Ethiopia – the Metema story 1,130
15. Introducing the ILRI campus in Kenya The facilities and the people 1,018
16. Heat, Rain and Livestock: Impacts of Climate Change on Africa’s Livestock Herders 970
17. የመስኖ ሙዝ ልማት በመተማ ወረዳ 852
18. Ethiopian farmers use water harvesting techniques to fight climate change 761
19. Three Endangered African Livestock Breeds 635
20. No bees no honey: Apiculture value chain experiences in Ethiopia 632


Finally, we publish across several different news and project blogs; the most viewed in 2014 were:

Blog title Views
1. ILRI News 106,457
2. ILRI Clippings 52,229
3. Livestock Fish CGIAR program 49,276
4. Africa RISING Program 37,512
5. LIVES project 29,262
6. IBLI project 15,490
7. AgHealth blog 11,333
8. Nile Basin Development Challenge 9,519
9. Livestock Gender and Innovation 8,690
10. BioScience blog 8,132


Note: these numbers were compiled on 24 December 2014; so may already be a bit out of date.

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