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Climate change communication and social learning – documenting the evidence

Since late 2011, ILRI has been working closely with the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) and a host of other organizations and individuals on ‘climate change, communication and social learning’ (CCSL). What started off with a meeting of minds in May 2012 has turned into a series of events, activities – particularly centred around the CCSL ‘sandbox’ – and more recently publications.

To date, nine official publications from this ‘CCSL series’ have been published and put together in a dedicated collection on CGSpace. The latest of these publications has just been released and addresses social learning in practice – and it was introduced on the CCAFS blog.

This is thus a good moment to take stock of the nine CCSL documents so far:

Working papers

  • CCAFS working paper 38 ‘Social learning in practice: A review of lessons, impacts and tools for climate change‘ aims to provide a detailed review of documented social learning processes for climate change and natural resource management as described in peer-reviewed literature. Particular focus is on identifying (1) lessons and principles, (2) tools and approaches, (3) evaluation of social learning, as well as (4) concrete examples of impacts that social learning has contributed to.

 Booklets and other print resources in the collection

Other materials

This whiteboard video was introduced at the 2013 CCAFS Science Meeting, showcases the potential for social learning in dealing with wicked problems such as climate change and chronic poverty.

Other resources mentioned on the sandbox wiki point to other CCSL outputs as well as other resources that could help anyone working on social learning in climate change, agriculture and/or food security.

This Youtube playlist brings together several interviews around the original May 2012 workshop.

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