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The great wiki migration

Wikispaces is closing this September. The 80 wikis we have hosted on the platform will soon become unavailable there. We have thus secured the services of a tech firm, CiviHosting, to migrate our wikis from Wikispaces to a new platform.

CiviHosting is a web development and hosting company with experience migrating Wikispaces wikis. They have already begun the process of migrating all our wikis to the new platform, known as MediaWiki, which is what Wikipedia runs on. It is the de facto industry standard and offers a very similar user experience to Wikispaces.

Half of our wikis including the free ones will be moved in July, the other half in August. Before being moved they will be backed up. All content and media files, including images, will be transferred as well as user accounts. Once the migration of your wiki is complete, we will redirect it to the new domain: Instead of it will be You will get an email with a link to the new address.

We aim to do this with little or no disruption to your work. At the most, you may find your wiki locked for editing for a while. Also, moving wikis between providers means they need to be ‘translated’. This may cause some issues with text formatting or layout that we may have to correct manually. Once your wiki is migrated, you should review it to ensure everything is as it should be.

Read the project brief to learn more or write to ServiceDesk [at] if you have questions or face problems.

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