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Continuous communications learning opportunities for ILRI campus staff

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In ILRI we have loads of research outputs and also lots of knowledge and valuable ideas are produced through our big events and workshops.

Together with ILRI Public Awareness, ILRI’s Knowledge Management and Information Services (KMIS) aims to support knowledge sharing and communication activities in ILRI.

KMIS helps to capture the knowledge, documenting and sharing it back. In doing the sharing, we also believe that we should maximize the awareness of the tools and train our staff to build their skills with various communication tools.

In July therefore, we started to run a series of ‘Komms Klinics’ for staff to get acquainted with various communications tools they can use.

Since then, we have run 20 sessions on the ILRI Addis campus, with about 120 people participating. The sessions so far covered:

  • Yammer
  • ILRI Website profiles
  • Blogging
  • Wikispaces
  • RSS and iGoogle
  • Video sharing
  • Photo sharing
  • Mahider/Dspace
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

In Nairobi, on 24 and 25 August, we ran an intense program with about 80 participants.

We plan to continue the Komms Klinic series, adjusting the focus and topics covered and perhaps targeting groups of people working on a specific project or assignment.

Trainee output can be seen at:

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