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ILRI pool of freelance editors, translators, and communication experts

Looking for some editorial assistance? We have set up an ILRI pool of editorial and other communication experts from around the world.  The list has sections for English-language editors/proofreaders, scientific journalists, design and layout experts, film and multimedia experts, full-service communication experts and translators.  Of course, you can also call on ILRI’s own editorial, graphics, and publishing services.

Check out the names at: http://ilrinet.ilri.cgiar.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=3912&Itemid=810 (access limited to ILRI staff). 

If you know of more people, send an email to Emaelaf Kebede (e.kebede@cgiar.org); we would like to get short feedback from you on any of the people you work with – share the comments on the database pages.

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