Using SurveyMonkey at ILRI

ILRI has recently purchased a professional license for SurveyMonkey (www.surveymonkey.com), the world’s most popular web-based survey tool! Our professional license gives staff added benefits of:

  • Unlimited questions
  • Unlimited responses
  • Ability to export, print, and share reports in PDF and Excel
  • Advanced survey design tools: survey templates and skip logic
  • Advanced reporting tools: custom charts, cross-tabs and filters
  • Customization: logos and themes

We’ve recently noticed an increase in the use of SurveyMonkey as a tool to get feedback on various aspects of ILRI’s work. This is a very useful tool but care should be taken with the design (style of questions, type of response requested, length etc.) and analysis of these surveys. If you would like any guidance on this then staff in RMG would be happy to assist.

Anyone can use the free version of SurveyMonkey but if you would like to access the advanced tools then please contact Agnes Odanga (a.m.odanga@cgiar.org) for the username and password.

Our multiple-user license allows staff logging-in to view and edit any survey and download the data. In order to avoid problems of editing/deleting of surveys and to ensure anonymity for respondents Agnes will support and monitor the use of our license and request assurances from staff that they will not edit/delete and will respect the privacy of other surveys.

If staff wish 100% confidentiality they are able to purchase an individual 1 month PRO subscription for $20 from www.surveymonkey.com/Home_PricingDetail.aspx.

Happy Surveying!

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