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Knowledge management and climate change: The KM4D Journal reborn open access

Eight years ago the first issue of the Knowledge Management for Development Journal (KM4D Journal) was published. It emerged from November 2004 discussions in a small attic room at IICD in The Hague; the initial discussants were motivated by, among other things, the desire to create and publish an open journal to report and recognize … Continue reading

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Open agricultural knowledge: On MOOCs, mobiles, innovation, outcomes, theories of change

Last week I attended an Open Knowledge for Agricultural Development Convening organized by Michigan State University (MSU), OER Africa, and The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM). The aim was to explore ways to “accelerate agricultural development through open knowledge practices”; we discussed innovations in open learning from the AgShare project, as … Continue reading

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Using open knowledge and innovation to support program learning at ILRI

This week in Addis Ababa, the The USAID-funded TOPS Program held a Food Security and Nutrition (FSN) Network Regional Knowledge Sharing Meeting to bring together food security and nutrition grantees, donors, and researchers for peer learning, knowledge sharing, and networking (see event program and details). On the afternoon of the first day, Peter Ballantyne  (Head … Continue reading

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From mahider to CGSpace: Moving our research outputs to open repositories

In late 2009, the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) began work on an institutional repository using Dspace software.  Under the name ‘mahider’ (, we intended this repository to be a complete index of all ILRI research products/outputs; with ‘full’ content as often as possible (we struggle to get full versions of articles and other products … Continue reading

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Publishing and sharing ‘open’ journal articles in ILRI

In line with ILRI’s strategy on publishing, we aim to make as many of our ILRI research products as possible open for our partners and others to access. Our dspace repository (Mahider) contains a full index (we hope) to recent outputs as well as the full ‘text’s of reports, documents and the like … See … Continue reading