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Ewen Le Borgne joins ILRI as Knowledge Sharing and Communication Specialist

Today, Ewen Le Borgne officially joined the KMIS team, based in Addis Ababa. Ewen will lead a range of activities around knowledge sharing/management, learning, event facilitation, communication and monitoring & evaluation. He believes that development is “all about empowerment and that learning is essential to empowerment because it gives the means to continually improve one’s … Continue reading

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Publishing and sharing ‘open’ journal articles in ILRI

In line with ILRI’s strategy on publishing, we aim to make as many of our ILRI research products as possible open for our partners and others to access. Our dspace repository (Mahider) contains a full index (we hope) to recent outputs as well as the full ‘text’s of reports, documents and the like … See … Continue reading

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ILRI research travelling further than ever

In this video, Bruce Scott, Director of Partnerships and Communications (P&C) at ILRI introduces the aims and objectives of the annual P&C retreat held in Addis Ababa in January 2011: Looking back on the past year, setting priorities for the coming year. The key issue was how we ensure that the outputs of ILRI research … Continue reading

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ILRI communications getting social

Speaking at the January 2011 ILRI Partnerships and Communications (P&C) retreat, Susan MacMillan, Head of Public Awareness at ILRI reflects on the past year. She highlights that we moved from print to online; from normal media to social media, especially blogging. The big challenge for 2011: How are we going to continue, and take it … Continue reading