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Photofilm training to better document and communicate research in Ethiopia


A key part of the Africa RISING communication strategy is to really engage with and document the knowledge and experiences of the communities where it works.

Alongside more classical research communication, the project is therefore exploring multimedia formats like video, photographs and ultimately radio and mobile phones as tools to enrich multi-way communication.

Africa RISING in the Ethiopian highlands recently organised a photofilm (digital stories) training for selected staff from the ILRI Addis Ababa campus to advance their skills.

The four day training was provided by Duckrabbit (they also provided similar training for ILRI in Kenya).

The training covered the basics of photofilming, including defining the story itself, audio recording, interviewing, photos, and editing software.

Elias Damtew, who recently joined the Nile Basin Development Challenge (NBDC) signed up as h would be doing this type of work in his project: “I came to understand what photofilms are all about…

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