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ILRI toolbar: How to simplify your browsing experience

The ILRI community toolbar is a graphical user interface that allows users to quickly and smartly locate all of ILRI’s communication channels as well as related livestock websites. This must have toolbar, contains tabs that will significantly reduce the amount of time you spend browsing for various pages and sites that are commonly used at ILRI e.g. research outputs repository, presentations on slideshare, photos on flickr, themes & project blogs and many others.

Tabs in the toolbar include,

  • ILRIweb: links to all themes and project pages on the ILRI website, including ILRInet, HR4U etc
  • Social web: links to all project and other social communication tools e.g. blogs, photos, films, posters
  • ILRI news latest news from all ILRI web services
  • News: latest news on livestock from across the web
  • Funders: quick links to hope pages of ILRI funders/investors
  • CGIAR: quick links to other CGIAR centers, CG wide initiatives and programs
  • Livestock quick links to other organizations and projects on livestock, FAO, WB, OIE, etc

You can find the link to start the toolbar download from ILRInet home page, under the tools and resources sections.

Download the toolbar in 3 easy steps today and stay connected

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