Facilitation and reporting

Workshops, events, conferences – these are one of the primary mechanisms used by ILRI staff and partners to plan and review research and to share, validate and communicate knowledge.

Using the power of social media (blogs, twitter, facebook, and the like), and giving attention to design and facilitation, we help improve the effectiveness of these events.

Check out the examples below:


  1. Climate Change Social Learning gathering evidence learning event (June 2014)
  2. Livestock and Fish Ethiopia small ruminants value chain strategy and implementation planning workshop (June 2014)
  3. IFPRI 2020 Building resilience for food and nutrition security (May 2014)
  4. Livestock and Fish partnership roundtable with Wageningen UR (March 2014)
  5. Livestock and Fish Ethiopia small ruminants impact pathways workshop (February 2014)
  6. Africa RISING West Africa review and planning meeting (February 2014)
  7. USAID Global Learning and Evidence Exchange (GLEE) on scaling up agricultural innovations – Asia (January 2014)
  8. Sustainable Intensification and climate change workshop (January 2014)


  1. Participatory Agricultural Research: Approaches, Design and Evaluation (December 2014)
  2. Knowledge management and communication for CGIAR research programs workshop (December 2013)
  3. USAID Global Learning and Evidence Exchange (GLEE) on scaling up agricultural innovations – Africa (December 2013)
  4. Challenge Program for Water and Food communication and knowledge management workshop (December 2013)
  5. Safe Food Fair Food project meat inspectors training (November 2013)
  6. Nile Basin Development Challenge final events (November 2013)
  7. Africa RISING – CSISA Monitoring and Evaluation meeting (November 2013)
  8. ICT4Ag  – the digital springboard for inclusive agriculture (November 2013)
  9. CGIAR Knowledge Day (November 2014)
  10. Africa RISING Ethiopia project review and planning meeting (October 2013)
  11. CLEANED project expert meeting (October 2013)
  12. IWMI Spate Irrigation workshop (October 2013)
  13. Africa RISING annual program learning event (September 2013)
  14. Volta Basin Development Challenge Science week (September 2013)
  15. Agrifood chain toolkit conference: Livestock and fish value chains in East Africa (September 2013)
  16. Africa RISING East and Southern Africa Review and Planning meeting (September 2013)
  17. Sixth African Agriculture Science Week (July 2013)
  18. Agricultural Innovation Systems in Africa conference (May 2013)
  19. Livestock and Fish 1st Annual Program Review and Planning Meeting (May 2013)
  20. Global CIARD consultation (May 2013)
  21. Techfit development meeting (May 2013)
  22. Targeting Action Research on Small Ruminant Value Chains in Ethiopia: Multi-stakeholder Workshop for lowland sheep and goats (April 2013)
  23. Targeting Action Research on Small Ruminant Value Chains in Ethiopia: Multi-stakeholder Workshop for Highland sheep (March 2013)
  24. TechFit workshop (March 2013)
  25. CGIAR Livestock and Fish Feeds Component planning meeting (March 2013)
  26. LIVES research planning meeting (March 2013)
  27. 9th CAADP Partnership Platform meeting (March 2013)
  28. CCAFS annual science meeting 2013 (March 2013)
  29. IDS Climate Change Knowledge Exchange (March 2013)
  30. Bio-Innovate regional scientific conference (February 2013)
  31. Nile Basin Development Challenge / National Land and Water Management Platform meeting (February 2013)
  32. Africa RISING Ethiopian Highlands project planning workshop (February 2013)
  33. UNEP Wollo/Kabe Watershed end of project workshop (February 2013)
  34. Humidtropics CGIAR research program Scientific Research Theme team meeting (February 2013)
  35. Livestock and Fish theory of change and evaluation plan workshop (January 2013)
  36. Africa RISING West Africa stakeholder meeting (January 2013)


  1. CCAFS workshop on taking stock of CGIAR experiences with social learning (November 2012)
  2. NBDC planning meeting (November 2012)
  3. NBDC symposium: Water management modeling in the Nile Basin (November 2012)
  4. Mobilizing AR4D partnerships to improve access to critical animal-source foods, Uruguay (October 2012)
  5. AgriKnowledge ShareFair ‘Towards Food and Nutrition Security in the Horn of Africa’ (October 2012)
  6. Annual review and planning meeting for the Guinea Savannah region (October 2012)
  7. Annual review and planning meeting for the East & Southern Africa region (October 2012)
  8. Organizing, Managing, Communicating and Leveraging Information and Knowledge to Support and Deliver CRP Results (October 2012)
  9. Annual review and planning meeting for the Ethiopian Highlands (September 2012)
  10. Uganda Smallholder Pig Value Chains Development Planning Workshop (September 2012)
  11. Africa RISING ‘research for development’ early win project reflection meeting (September 2012)
  12. Africa RISING monitoring and evaluation expert meeting (September 2012)
  13. Africa RISING ‘Quick Feeds’ early win project synthesis meeting (September 2012)
  14. Facilitating multi-stakeholder processes: Training around uncertainty and complexity (August 2012)
  15. Workshop on a Research Framework for Africa RISING (July 2012)
  16. Ethiopia Small Ruminant Value Chain Consultative Meeting (July 2012)
  17. imGoats reflection and learning workshop (July 2012)
  18. Ethiopia Small Ruminants Value Chain Planning Meeting (June 2012)
  19. Ethiopia Livestock Feeds Synthesis meeting (May 2012)
  20. Ethiopia Quick Feeds ‘Early Win’ Project Inception Workshop (May 2012)
  21. CCAFS workshop on social learning and climate change (May 2012)
  22. India Dairy Value Chain Planning Meeting (May 2012)
  23. Vietnam Pork Value Chain Planning Meeting (May 2012)
  24. CIMMYT regional mechanization entrepreneurship workshop (April 2012)
  25. Volta Basin Development Challenge communication workshop (March 2012)
  26. Tanzania Dairy Value Chain Inception Workshop (March 2012)
  27. Ethiopia Livestock Feeds inception Workshop (February 2012)
  28. Africa RISING Inception Workshop: Sustainable Intensification of Cereal‐based Farming Systems in East and Southern Africa (February 2012)
  29. Africa RISING Design Workshop: Sustainable intensification in the Ethiopian Highlands (January 2012)
  30. MilkIT pre-inception workshop (January 2012)
  31. Project Design Workshop: Sustainable Intensification of Cereal-based Farming Systems in the Sudano-Sahelian Zone of West Africa (January 2012)
  1. NBDC national platform on land and water meeting (December 2011)
  2. SLP Crop residue tradeoffs project progress review meeting (December 2011)
  3. ILRI PLE Theme retreat (December 2011)
  4. CCAFS climate smart crop breeding workshop (December 2011)
  5. 3rd International Forum on Water and Food (November 2011)
  6. LiveSTOCK Exchange (November 2011)
  7. IFPRI Conference: Increasing Agricultural Productivity and Enhancing Food Security in Africa (November 2011)
  8. TechFit Workshop to Develop a Tool for Feed Technology Screening and Prioritization (September 2011)
  9. IPMS workshop on market-oriented smallholder agriculture in Ethiopia (June 2011)
  10. Conference on the future of pastoralism in Africa (March 2011)
  11. IPMS/ILRI gender and market oriented agriculture workshop (February 2011)
  1. Crop residue tradeoffs in crop-livestock systems: Project teams meet in Addis Ababa (December 2010)
  2. Final Workshop of the Fodder Adoption project (November 2010)
  3. Ethiopia National Dairy Forum (November 2010)
  4. 5th All Africa conference on animal agriculture (November 2010)
  5. CGIAR livestock-fish research program – audio and video (November 2010)
  6. Livestock fish mega program – report of the stakeholder discussions (September 2010)
  7. Livestock fish mega program – stakeholder workshop (August 2010)
  1. SLP Livestock Programme Group meeting (December 2009)

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