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Extending the use of social and multimedia in Somaliland’s IGAD Sheikh Technical and Veterinary School

Earlier this month, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)’s Communications and Knowledge Management (CKM) team led a five-day Communications and Knowledge Sharing training workshop with research and teaching staff at the IGAD Sheikh Technical Veterinary School and Reference Centre (ISTVS) in Somaliland. Continue reading

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Why technology adoption is nowhere near where it should be and how social learning could help

Have we misunderstood technology adoption all these years? The annual monitoring and evaluation meeting of the Africa RISING program featured a presentation by David Spielman (IFPRI) that addressed this very issue. It connected strongly with CCAFS work on social learning and showed some directions for social learning to remain relevant for many and for the long haul… Continue reading

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Why publish? ILRI graduate fellows and early career researchers trained in scientific writing and publishing

ILRI’s Capacity Development (CapDev) Unit working in collaboration with People & Organizational Development (P&OD) Unit and the Training Centre for Communication (TCC), recently delivered a highly interactive and practical workshop designed to give ILRI graduate fellows, post-doctoral fellows and early career researchers, an opportunity to understand the process of scientific writing and publishing Continue reading